Apple today officially announced their new iPhone & Apple Watch products. On September 12, 2018, during a live event, Apple confirmed the iPhone XS & XS Max for Apple’s newest iPhones in their line of popular Apple products. Apple also revealed new Apple Watch sizes during the event. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are the next-generation devices joining the Apple iPhone line-up for the 2018 year. 

First Apple introduced the phones in 3 colors: Gold, Silver and Space Gray. The phones also come in two sizes: the XS Max is 6.5-inches and the XS is 5.8-inch. The XS Max is now the largest iPhone ever, with a 458ppi, 2688 x 1242 OLED display. Both the XS and XS Max versions also have OLED displays with HDR capabilities. 


The XS is also fully capable of improving on features with its 2nd year generation of Apple’s Face ID technology feature. Although during the live press conference, Apple again claimed to have the “greatest” technology during the live event. The phones are again liquid resistant, including more than just water resistant. 

The XS and XS Max runs on a bigger CPU and is capable of holding up to 15% more power. The new chip that is installed into both phones has greater secondary memory capabilities that now give the phones the ability to come in sizes up to 512GB. 

Although more details are currently unfolding as the live event is still taking place and Apple is still solidifying the features of each new Apple product, keep your eyes looking for new things here at! 


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