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Great news for all independent artists around the world! If you are a new up and coming artist who is looking for a platform (other than SoundCloud) to upload your music directly without being signed through a label, you are in luck! One of the top streaming services in the country just announced that they will now let artists directly upload their music.

Spotify announced that the feature is currently in beta testing. Before Spotify announced this feature, artists who weren’t signed to a major label would have to pay a fee to a third-party service to upload their music directly to the platform. The direct upload feature will also allow artists to view data about their listeners and submit their songs for playlist consideration.



Unlike SoundCloud, Spotify will allow more features for artists. Spotify is specializing the feature so that artists will now have control over their own music and can even choose a specific release date for their music to launch. Those who choose this feature will be shown an interface where they can upload their music, which artwork they are going to use, pick the release date, and input any other additional information before it’s published. The best thing about this is that the direct upload feature is being offered as a FREE service.


Kene Anoliefo, who is Spotify’s lead creator for the marketplace commented in a recent statement saying, “We created a pretty simple and fair deal for uploading music where artists receive 50 percent of Spotify’s net revenue, and Spotify also accounts to publishers and collection societies for additional royalties related to the musical composition. Artists will receive automatic monthly royalty checks. They will be able to view all of that information and check all their data within Spotify for Artists.”.



The streaming service also recommends that artists upload content at least 5 days ahead of their planned release date, because it will help Spotify make sure that the music doesn’t have any potentially infringing content.

No word yet on when Spotify will release this feature as they are still in the testing stages, but this is still great news for all indie artists who are just starting. The streaming platform has been on the rise since it first hit the market in 2006. Spotify now reportedly has an estimated 83 million paid subscribers this year alone using the platform.


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